About Us

TheSmarterConsumer.com is an informational content site designed to provide our readers with helpful insights and equip them with the knowledge they need to make informed purchasing decisions. We specialize in crafting thorough and detailed articles that condense complex information into easily understandable sentences.

The content we write offers tailored advice, tips, tutorials, recommendations, and guides to ensure you’re making the best possible purchasing decision for your money.

Our Mission

Our mission is to research industries and services with you in mind. When we perform our analysis of products, services, and businesses that are integral to our daily lives—whether it’s for insurance, mortgage, and everything beyond—we consider the most important elements you may need to move with confidence.

The first step to developing a critical analysis of an industry is to begin with thorough research. We understand that it can be challenging to wrap your head around some of life’s most difficult financial woes. For a topic such as life insurance, which may be difficult to unpack with your family, or breaking down your credit and what it means to build a good credit score, everyone is sure to have differing opinions.

Our team aims to listen and contribute to these ongoing conversations with open, honest, objective thought.

What We Do

Our guides and thought pieces are not meant to be paramount of all information. We know from firsthand experience that the world is constantly changing, and people often move through difficult financial situations without much clarity. Our analyses are designed to introduce topics relevant to you in clear, concise prose that is simple to understand.

You won’t find any wordy jargon or terminology here. We gauge our success by knowing that, when you’ve finished reading one of our articles, you’ve left with the knowledge to make confident buying decisions.

So how do we make money? Our website will always be free to use, but we may receive compensation when someone clicks to apply or gets approved for a product through our site. We strive to create engaging, educational content personalized for you.